Exercise/Weight Management

Moultrie Y

601 26th Ave. S.E.

Moultrie, GA31768

(229) 985-1154

Fax: (229) 985-7250


Director: Greg Coop

Exercise classes, gym, fitness equipment room, swimming pool, tennis courts, raquetball courts. Organized team sports. Gymnastics.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to public

To Apply: Call for more information. Scholarships available.


City of Moultrie Recreation Department

1020 4th St. S.W.

Moultrie, GA31768

(229) 985-1974

Fax: (229) 890-5462


Director: Terry Peek

Exercise classes, weight room, gym,bike/walking trail, tennis courts, ball fields, country line dancing, scuba lessons. Organized team sports. Diving instruction. Swimming pool and swim classes. Lifeguard certification.

Eligibility Requirements: Residents of Moultrie and Colquitt County ages 4 and up

To Apply: Permission forms signed for different activities, enroll at recreation dept. office