Medical Financial Assistance

Colquitt County Right From the Start Medicaid

361 Industrial Drive (Moultrie Technical College)

Moultrie, GA 31776

(229) 891-7231

Fax: (229) 891-7046

Provides medical assistance (Medicaid) for pregnant women and children up to age 19.  This process is much easier to use than filing for Medicaid at DFCS. DFCS workers have 45 days to complete the case.  Right from the Start usually can help right away.  They will also take PeachCare applications and Ga. Partnership for Caring (good for adults and undocumented)

Eligibility Requirements: Based on monthly income and size of family

To Apply: Walk in or call for appt.


Department of Family & Children Services

1033 First St. S.E.

Moultrie, GA 31768

(229) 217-4000

Fax: (229) 217-2034

Financial services include TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), food stamps, Medicaid, protective services for children and adults

Eligibility Requirements: Based on income

To Apply: Call or come in


Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund

Colquitt Regional Medical Center

3131 South Main St.

Moultrie, GA 31768

Provides free and reduced-charge services, the ability to gain admittance without pre-admission deposits

Apply to: ColquittRegionalMedicalCenter at registration or financial counselor’s office or under Patients & Visitors/Financial Assistance tab on Colquitt Regional website